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Turmeric Root Extract (Natural) Curcumin 95% (Natural) HPLC

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Turmeric Root Extract (Natural) Curcumin 95% (Natural) HPLC


Turmeric extract is derived from the root of the turmeric plant first by boiling and drying, then by grinding it to a powder, followed by extraction of the active ingredients using a solvent. There are 18 times more curcuminoids in the concentrate than in the natural spice which is simply a powdered form of the dried root. The concentrate is also known as Curcumin.Turmeric extract has attracted the attention of researchers in the fields of Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Deficits, Arthritis, Cancer, including Breast Cancer and Diabetes


1. Curcumin mainly used in many foods as a coloring in mustard, cheese, beverages and cakes;

2. Curcumin used for dyspepsia, chronic anterior uveitis and Helicobacter pylori bacteria;

3. Curcumin used as a topical analgesic, and for colic, hepatitis, ringworm and chest pain.

4. With the function of improving blood circulation and treating amenorrhea;

5. With the function of lipid-lowering, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, anti-tumor and anti-oxidation;

6. Curcumin contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals;

7. Curcumin has the effect on lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and protecting the liver;

8. With the function of treating women dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea


1). With the similar function of hesperidin, cholesterol-lowering effect, help treating diabetes

2). The same function with Vitamin P, can increae the vitamin C.

3). The natural sweetener, 700-900 times sweetness than sugar cane.

4). Anti free radicals,anti-aging,anti-acne.

5). Skin whitening effect.

6). Anti-atherosclerosis.