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L-Carnitine Base Powder

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L-Carnitine Base Powder


The chemical structure of L-carnitine is similar to choline and similar to amino acids, but it is not an amino acid and cannot participate in protein biosynthesis. Since L-carnitine can be synthesized by humans and most animals to meet their physiological needs, it is not a true vitamin, but a substance similar to vitamins.


1. Baby food: To keep the baby life and promote infant development has a certain function.
2. Lose weight food: To burn excess fat in the body for energy.
3. Sport food: Be good for improving the explosive force, increase exercise endurance,ect.
4. Important nutritional supplements for elderly:Against myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, fall hematic fat, etc
5. Against myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, fall hematic fat, etc.
6. Can improve memory, can be used to treat alzheimer's disease.


1. Baby food
2. Diet pills
3. Sports drinks
4. Nutritional supplements
5. Medicines
6. Feed additives
7. Others: L-carnitine is also an energy substance for sperm maturation, and it has the function of increasing the number and vitality of sperm.