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Green Tea Extract EGCG 70%

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Green Tea Extract EGCG 70%


Green Tea Extraction L-Theanine the amino acid in the characteristics of tea is a flavor of the tea material, and more exist in green tea. Theanine, one hand, as nutrition enhancer use in food, on the other hand, the Theanine efficacy of medical has been proven, it has anti-cancer, anti-tumor and lower blood pressure, soothe the nerves and promote brain function and nerve growth etc. Therefore can be used as additives of functional food. Now Theanine has proven that the use of functional food could promote the brain's memory and learning ability, and play a preventive role in the diseases of Parkinson and Alzheimer, nerve conduction disorders and so on. In addition, Theanine can be used to purify drinking water and deodorant.


1. Soothe the nerves relax

2. Promote brain function

3. Lower blood pressure

4. Antitumor

5. Anti-fatigue

6. Improve immunity


1. L-Theanine can be used as an antineoplastic drug

2. L-Theanine can be used for antihypertensive drugs

3. L-Theanine can be used in sedative drugs

4. As a tea drink quality improver

5. As an additive to improve food flavor

6. As a functional food additives