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Astaxanthin Powder 4% HPLC

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Astaxanthin Powder 4% HPLC

Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis, as the best Antioxidant ingredients,natural astaxanthin power can be applied in the  moisturizing cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream, facial mask, lipstick, etc..


○ Anti-oxidation

○ Sunscreen and whitening

○ Free radical scavenging


Natural astaxanthin, also known as astaxanthin, is an extremely precious health raw material that can be used to develop natural and healthy products that enhance immunity, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, eye and brain health, and regulate blood lipids. At present, it is mainly used as the raw material of human advanced health food and medicine; cosmetic additive.

It can significantly improve the body's immunity. Because it can non-specifically bind to skeletal muscle, it can effectively remove free radicals generated by exercise in muscle cells and strengthen aerobic metabolism, so it has a significant anti-fatigue effect.

It is the only carotenoid that can pass the blood-brain barrier. It has a real anti-aging effect. Effective anti-oxidation is the basis of all beauty activities. Age-related melasma has good effects in preventing and treating "age-related macular degeneration" and improving retinal function.

The stability and antioxidant activity of synthetic astaxanthin are also lower than those of natural astaxanthin. Since the hydroxyl groups (-OH) at both ends of the astaxanthin molecule can be esterified, its stability is different. More than 90% of natural astaxanthin exists in the esterified form, so it is more stable. The synthetic astaxanthin exists in the free state, so the stability Not the same, it must be embedded to stabilize. Synthetic astaxanthin has only about 1/4 of the left-handed structure, so its antioxidant activity is only about 1/4 of the natural one.