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Sophora japonica extract

Sophora japonica is the dried bud and flower of the legume Sophora japonica L. It is produced in various regions of China, mostly in the Loess Plateau and North China Plain. In summer, when the flowers are not open, the flower buds of the locust tree are harvested.

Sophora japonica has been a traditional Chinese medicinal material since ancient times. In addition to its medicinal value, it is often used in meals.

The role of Sophora japonica:

1. Lower blood pressure and prevent stroke.

The rutin contained in Sophora japonica extract is a vitamin that enhances the resistance of capillaries, can enhance the elasticity of blood vessel walls, improve the toughness of capillaries, and has the effect of preventing the rupture of cerebral blood vessels in patients with hypertension, and can prevent stroke.

Sophora japonica extract

2. Cool blood to stop bleeding

Sophora japonica is mainly used for the symptoms of blood heat, and it can be used with Burnet to treat lower bleeding such as blood in the stool and blood in the urine.

3. Anti-inflammatory

The rutin contained in the Sophora japonica extract has a significant inhibitory effect on the inflammatory process.

4. expectorant, cough

The quercetin contained in Sophora japonica extract has a certain anti-asthmatic effect.

5. Maintain vascular resistance

Rutin in Sophora japonica extract has the functions of maintaining vascular resistance, reducing its permeability, and reducing fragility.

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