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Cnidium Extract

Cnidium is a Chinese herbal medicine with a long history of use and is considered by medical scientists to be good medicine for skin diseases and pruritus.

In modern medical research, it has been found that Cnidium extract has a similar sex hormone-like effect, which can improve human immunity, promote human hematopoietic function, and protect the adrenal cortex. And it has the effect of delaying aging and reducing the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy. It can also be used to treat male impotence, sexual dysfunction, female infertility, and other diseases.

Cnidium Extract

Secondly, total coumarin, the active ingredient in Cnidium extract, has the effects of analgesia, sedation, and local anesthesia.

Finally, Cnidium Chinensis extracts paraspinal methyl ether has anti-arrhythmic, vasodilating, and blood pressure lowering effects. Used to prevent arrhythmias and rapidly dilate blood vessels.

  • Cnidium Extract